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Voting Today!

I'm going out to place my vote this afternoon. Seems strange to be able to vote at the mall! I think this is the first election that I simply can't wait to get over with. I'm a political junkie most of the time, and usually can't get enough of it. This year...not so much. I'd like to think that after it's all over, Trump will go away. But I don't see that happening.


It's been a couple of months since I last posted, but I really thought at that time that I'd be full of all kinds of wonderful things to post about. I can't say that all has gone well lately. It's been two years since I lost my job that I really thought I would retire from, and I'm still playing catch-up. Right now I'm working as a temporary employee, making thousands less than I made before, and currently have no health insurance. Life has been really problematic at times, but perhaps my luck will start turning around soon. It really is criminal how the "older" job seekers are treated. I'm 57 and having to compete with younger folks just out of college, with degrees. I'm an Administrative Assistant for God's sake! Why would I need a college degree, after working for over thirty years as one?

On a much better note, "Chance" is wonderful! Hugh is so freakin' sexy in that! I can't wait for more episodes!!


Hello All,

It's literally been a year at least, if not more, since I've visited and posted anything. I've been going through a strangely rough patch of problems and issues of various kinds for the last three or four years, and still not really over everything. But I finally decided that enough was enough, and I'm slowly returning to things that make me feel better about life. I'm so happy to find that this community is still going on, and that Hughville is still writing! Maybe one day, I'll be able to provide something as well!

Great to be here again,


Oh Dear...

Went to doctor today about a lot of back pain I've been having. Found out the car accident I had in December caused some sort of herniated disc situation. An MRI is in my future, and who knows what else!

Answer for question 4228.

Do you ever think about changing careers? What do you dream about doing? What prevents you from making the switch?
As a matter of fact, I've been thinking of it a lot today. I was told my position had been eliminated as of this morning at 9:15am. Eight years I gave that bloody company. Eight Years.

Insurance Companies Suck!

So about two weeks ago I was involved in a 4 car collision. I'm fine, but the car....not so much. I keep calling the claims adjuster to check on the final outcome of my car, whether it's a total loss or repair, and no one seems to be able to tell me anything! One of the people from my own insurance company said that really, it's not something they usually do, to keep the insured up to date or in the loop. Seriously?? It's my car...I deserve to know what the hell is going on with it. Anyways....my relatively new Honda CR-V has seen much better days. The whole accident was caused by someone making a left turn into traffic on a one-way street. She hit the guy who ended up hitting me, and then I hit the guy in front of me. The back end of my car was just demolished!

Such a Push-over!

I went in to the local Honda dealer on Saturday, merely to ask a few questions...drove off the lot in a 2014 CR-V!! I normally buy used, but the lease option was so darn tempting, that I just decided to go for it. I traded a Chevy HHR which I still owed money on, because of all the scary recalls of late. In the past, I had always driven Honda's, but I really wanted to support American cars. Big mistake.


Woke up yesterday morning to find that "once again" the tickets for the June 2nd show at the Fonda Theatre, were on sale. This time the website said "on sale", and they truly were. I nabbed two tickets!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Just found out that Hugh will be bringing the Copper Bottom Band to Los Angeles on June 2nd. Time for a Las Vegas to Los Angeles road trip! Couldn't have found out on a better day than today!!

Mr. Pip

So...when are we going to be able to see "Mr. Pip" here in America?? I thought it was going to be a major wide release.